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Medical form madness (How something simple can go so sideways)

By Cleveland Warriors Youth Football, 05/07/22, 5:45PM PDT


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The medical clearance forms we require players to turn in before they can take the field can be as simple as downloading and printing this PDF, taking your player to a physical with a doctor or nurse practitioner and then getting them to us. If you do that you’re done.

Unfortunately, there are ways this can go sideways. This article can help make it so it doesn’t happen to you.


We play under two larger organizations, the Portland Interscholastic League and the Tualatin Valley Youth Football League. They each require different forms. As mentioned earlier, you can download a complete set here.

Sideways 1

This can go off the rails if you downloaded the form presented to you during the registration process. This is the TVYFL form and does not include the PIL form. (The website would not allow us to change it. You can save yourself trouble by downloading the complete set of forms.

Sideways 2

Many of our student athletes play other PIL sports, and their medical clearance forms are good for two years. The TVYFL form, however, needs to be signed fresh every year. In other words, even if you have a current PIL form for your athlete, you still need to go to the doctor.

Sideways 3

Our players can get physicals for free at the Cleveland High School school-based health center. This is an awesome service. However, the center closes for the summer at the end of the school year, or right around the time when most of our families register. You can avoid any hassle by downloading the complete set of forms and scheduling a physical sooner than later. Call the Cleveland SBHC at 503-988-3350. 

Sideways 4

Our players in grades 7 and 8 also need concussion baseline testing with yet another form filled out. Many doctors’ offices are unable to administer this test. As the season nears, we will schedule times for all of our players in these grades to go to Cleveland to get the test completed. This goes sideways if you register late and miss your chance to get the free testing with the group.

The moral of this story: Register early and download the complete set of forms to take to a physical appointment before the school year ends.

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